Band album cover art: $500-2,500, depending on details & license.
+Packaging and Booklet add $500-1000
Poster Design $1,000 - 2,000
T-shirt Design $1,500
If you would like me to illustrate your music video (i.e. Peter Murphy's 'i Spit Roses') that starts at $10,000 (it takes a looooong time)
I am willing to work with independent bands if they have little to no budget if i have time and love the music. I have been known to work for free in trade for awesome music gear, studio time, or instruments.

Commissions for paintings depend on size and time but I am flexible. They take a long time though. :)

Website design $2,000+ or $50/hr for minor fixes
Corporate Logo Design $250-500

If you would like me to draw/paint on one of your photos that is $300 per image.
If you would like me to photograph you and then paint on your photo that is $500.

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